Historic Leadville

We wanted to do something special for Easter weekend since this was the first year we had no set plans. Our friend Lindsey decided to fly in for a few days, and we wanted to do it up right. We thought a weekend in a mountain cabin would be just the low key Easter we wanted, so I started a search on Airbnb.

We had a list of about 10 cabins from all over Colorado until we narrowed it down to the perfect place. It was in the mountains surrounded by trees, still close to town and had WiFi for the kids. Not sure it’d be relaxing for anyone if we took away all of their electronics for a whole 3 days. The plan was set… we were headed to Leadville!

I had been looking forward to this weekend for awhile, and it turned out to be everything I’d hoped for. Quiet, relaxing, time with my family and seeing all that Leadville had to offer.

We set out on our adventure after work on Friday. It was about a 2.5 hour drive from Castle Rock, but man was it beautiful! That might be one of my favorite things about driving to the mountains. There is just so much to look at along the way. Gorgeous views around every turn.

Once we arrived at the cabin we knew it’d be perfect. It was just the right size for us, and had so much for the kids. There was a club house and swing set outside and a lofted area (that could only be accessed by ladder) over the living area and kitchen. Their own little hideaway. Oh yeah and there was still a TON of snow in the mountains.

We had our own happy hour on the back deck just listening to the quiet (and of course chatting a little bit). Then we headed into town for dinner. We settled on Casa Sanchez, and I’m glad we did. The food was delicious and the service was excellent. Lindsey’s birthday was the week before, so Matt made sure to let the server know (in secret of course). Matt asked him if they did anything for birthdays and he said they do a shot of their homemade tequila. Matt knew that would be perfect! Little did he know that they do a shot of tequila for ALL the adults at the table. Not just the birthday girl! That plan definitely backfired because Matt hates tequila. Lindsey and I embraced it though. 🙂

That night we stayed up playing games and laughing until our faces legitimately hurt. We barely got any sleep, but we weren’t going to let that stop us from enjoying Saturday. This crew knows how to rally when needed. We did have a slow morning though, just sitting on the deck, drinking coffee and reading. My favorite way to start any morning. Even though Lindsey said it looks like I’m breastfeeding in one photo….which I actually don’t disagree with.

After our easy morning we showered and headed to downtown Leadville. The boys each had their own spending money, and we took the entire afternoon just walking from shop to shop and finding some pretty unique treasures.

The old mining town was full of history and amazing views. Lindsey and Matt also made a stop at the cleverly named local brewery, Periodic Brewing (check out the logo which also stands for Lead on the periodic table) . While they enjoyed their brews, I took the boys to the art store. We bought lots of supplies for some creative fun once we got back to the cabin.

Sunday was Easter, and the Easter bunny found his way to our cabin! The boys thought it was so cool hunting for eggs at the cabin, and eating candy for breakfast. 🙂

We all could have stayed longer for sure, but we needed to head back to reality. Nothing beats a trip to the mountains.

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