Epic Sky Trek

One of the things we were so excited about when we moved was the Castle Rock Adventure Park. It’s only minutes away from our house and includes a zip line park, adventure tower and the Epic Sky Trek. Matt, Owen and my mom did zip lining last summer and had a BLAST, but we hadn’t had the opportunity to check out the sky trek yet.

Owen’s soccer team chose the sky trek as their end of season celebration activity. What a great idea! What’s even better is that we got a group discount, making the tickets pretty dang affordable. Parents and siblings were also invited to take part in the fun, so Jude was pumped!

The weather was pretty chilly compared to the 75 degrees we’d had in the days leading up to the event, but that didn’t stop this crew. These boys (and parents) had a blast tackling this elevated obstacle course.

This is definitely an adventure to help someone tackle their fear of heights ( Owen, Jude and myself included). It’s much scarier when you’re up there than what it looks like on the ground. Of course you are harnessed in the entire time, so you know you won’t fall. Although, that doesn’t stop your jitters from still kicking in every time you take a step.

I basically had to pretend I wasn’t scared to help the boys get over their fears, but I was still shaking inside. As you can tell, I’m a real dare devil.

Some of the boys (and dads) on the team were absolutely fearless going up to the highest levels of the course. Owen’s friend Jacob and one of the other dads even walked across a slack line that was as high as the roof. No easy feat!

We now have a new place to suggest for our visitors, and did I mention it’s only 2 miles from our house?? We will be back!

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