Devil’s Head Lookout Trail

A few Sundays ago, we randomly had a free day with no planned activities. Those are some of our favorite days because we can just drive into the mountains and see where it takes us. That day we decided to try and tackle Devil’s Head Lookout Trail.

Devil’s Head Lookout Trail is a hike that leads to the summit of Devil’s Head. At the top is a fire watch tower, the last of the original 4 watch towers on the Front Range that is actually still in use. There is also a pretty decent elevation gain of over 800 ft and 143 steps up to the watch tower.

Starting out, we weren’t totally sure if we were going to make it to the top since we had Jude with us. We are determined to make a hiker out of that boy yet! The beginning of the trail has beautiful aspen trees (my favorite).

As we hiked, there were lots of great places for the kids (and Luke) to climb on the boulders. Owen also had fun documenting the entire adventure on video.

Once we reached the stairs, the boys and I started to get a little nervous. Owen, Jude and I are all afraid of heights. I totally pretended I wasn’t scared, to make the boys feel more comfortable. As we climbed the stairs Jude made it almost all the way up and got scared. Since he was so close he pushed through and got to the watch tower!

Inside the watch tower was so cool. The day we were there was super windy, and you could hear the wind just whipping against the sides of the old wooden tower. Around the tower you can find photos and notes from travelers that have made the hike before. Reading their stories was really inspiring.

The views from the top were so worth it! Gorgeous 360 views no matter where you looked. Unfortunately, I didn’t get many photos because I was just trying to focus on not falling off the mountain, but I did get a few.

The way back down the stairs was no walk in the park. When you are looking straight down it definitely seems much higher than when you’re on the ground looking up. Matt ended up carrying Jude down the stairs, and I just had my fingers crossed that Luke didn’t pull me down the stair case. Oh yeah, Luke made it all the way to the top too. He must have been nervous going down because he actually went slow and didn’t pull. Apparently we weren’t the only ones feeling a little shaky.

We all made it down and were so proud of ourselves! It was a great memory to make as a family, and now Jude can say he’s been hiking Devil’s Head since he was 6 years old. 🙂

P.S.- How adorable is this photo of Jude sleeping on Luke during the drive home?

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